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It's natural that when a person go through with the consequences of abuse substances, then he/she will need a professional help together with the support of his/her family. Here needs  to hire the services of the rehabilitation centre. Yes, rehabilitation is considered as an important step towards attaining this objective.

Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha, as the best Rehabilitation Centre In Dombivli is specialized in offering de-addiction services to an addict who is starting losing direction into the wrong path and requires to be brought back to the correct track. We provide a complete training & treatment to our patients where they are specified with physical, occupational and vocational therapy depending on their requirements.

The addict who has been in habit of alcohol and drugs addiction will adversely affect their precious life and the life of their family members too. So, if you are one of them facing these problems, get in touch with our Rehabilitation Centre In Dombivli where all the patients serve with the proper care & medical attention in every step.

Why Our Rehabilitation Centre?

Our Rehabilitation Centre In Dombivli signify why it is important to consider the services of rehab centre as soon as possible. The number of reasons an addict will find to choose our re-addiction services, which are as follows:

    Addicts are given help to quit drugs or alcohol

    Varied Treatment and Therapies

    Appropriate Guidance and Supervision

    Catering to Emotional and Mental Health

    Incorporating Good Habits

    Patients’ Privacy

Our Team

In order to get a better way of life with the help of professional rehab facilities, contact our Rehabilitation Centre In Dombivli.

Our professional team of counsellors will always ready to assist to our patients with best treatment options care and support at cost-effective rates. Our aim is to entirely convert the life of addicted people to the normal life with a positive attitude & respect to enjoying a happy and healthy life.

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