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People who are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression can definitely feel the concerns in their life. That's why, we, at Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha, have recognized various finest ways to treat addiction and other behavioural health issues along with a holistic technique.

Are you looking for the de-addiction centre in Kalyan? Why late? Contact us to get the reliable and cost-effective de-addiction services offered by Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha.

Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha is one of the Best Rehab Centre In Kalyan, which is founded in the year 2011 and registered in 2012. We established with the main objective to improve & heal the overall health and condition of the addicted patient.

Why Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha?

Our Best Rehab Centre In Kalyan come up with a goal of offering the wide range of recovery-oriented therapies for the addicted patient who is linked with the physical & mental health problems. We promise our patients to deliver the world-class facilities and top-notch services at reasonable price. 

At Rehab Centre In Kalyan, patients will be going through with a safe addiction treatment which will help in reducing the symptoms. Along with this, we also provide an effective healthcare advice for a huge range of alcohol & drugs addiction problems. 

Following are the few reasons that addicted patients choose us:

1: We always try to establish healthy boundaries

2: Patient will get to know more about the addiction problem

3: Break the addictive cycle

4: After getting our experts advice, patients will be able to build up many new habits and practices to lead a luxurious life.

5: Engaged in researching various basic addiction issues

Our professional team of counsellors provide a quality advice & de-addictive services that will solve their problems and allow them to enjoy their normal lives after forgetting the burden of addiction.

For more information, you can contact us or visit our official website.


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