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Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha is one of the reliable and emerging Rehabilitation Centre In Thane. Since our journey has started, we have successfully treated many of the clients who suffered from a severe addiction to alcohol as well as different types of harmful drugs. The natural history of addiction involves recurrent cycles of recovery and relapse. In past few years, doctors have begun to recognize that addiction is a manageable but a chronic disease, just like other disorders asthma, diabetes, or hypertension.

As it is a chronic disease, the treatment is not only a way to cure your loved one but also it requires long-term care. At our Rehabilitation Centre In Thane, Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha has created an environment which helps the patient to develop a positive outlook towards the life. The program builds the right attitude with the right frame of mind through the Group Therapies, Counselling, Yoga and Meditation etc. With our treatment, we not only make the patient enable but also his family to understand that element (alcohol or drug) is not the problem, but lack of capability to manage the anxiety, stress, and negativity is the right cause.

Our offered program is specially established to suit the individual needs which give confidence and strength to face the life's challenges. Here, we believe that every patient and her or his family that comes to us has a different background and set of circumstances. Hence, treatment for each individual is customized and is targeted to attain the fast recovery. The treatment plan of Rehabilitation Centre In Thane is based upon the individual's family history, gender, choice of substance and physical health and various other factors.

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