Pick up facility- Patients who are not capable to travel, we provide pick up facility under supervision.

Detoxification Process includes medical tests and clinical diagnosis leading to under observation treatment of patients it includes physical psychiatric psychological analysis and making patient free from repentance on substance (withdrawal systems).

Yoga Meditation These sessions provides enhancement of spiritual and mental levels including immunity, thus relieving stress.

Food We provide nutritional and balanced food under the guidance of specialized personal which includes variety and energy providing natural diet.

Input sessions to bring the awareness of substances abused and importance of attitude managements in your daily life. It also includes various keys and ways to maintain recovery. It is a short process of personality management.

Output session It is a feed back of input session to understand the acceptance level and views of understanding levels of patients.

Entertainment session It supplements the capability of person to manage fear and shyness thus enhancing smart levels of communications.

Anger management session It helps in controlling reaction thus enhancing the level of response. It also supplements expression of feeling in controlled manner thus leading to proper communication between individuals.

Coffee night this session is designed to attain the highest level of enjoyment in the form of dance and thus explains the highest levels of thrill which can be achieved without any substances.

Indoor Games Like carom, chess and various are provided to understand the importance of sportsmanship in life.

Counselling Counselling by experienced counsellor including family and personal counselling.

Celebration of festivals we celebrate all festivals to induce or to make patients social and enthusiasm.

Healthy environment - Natural and healthy environment with greenery to enhance recovery.  

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