Vision & Mission

Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha

 “Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha” is a non-profitable  and non governmental organization, founded in 2011  and registered in 2012 under the Charity Comissioner  act 1860. The organization was started at Kalyan, a district of Thane; by a group of 9 members who wanted to contribute to improve the overall condition of addicted patients.  The idea behind the establishment of Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha (DSSS) was to improve the living condition of a person who is addict of alcohol, drugs & other substances living in vulnerability due to having no access to resources and opportunities. DSSS does not provoke any kind of social, religious & political policies, affairs.



Mission & Vision

Disha Samajik Seva Sanstha (DSSS) wants to make people aware about the meaning and process of rehabilitation and make these things available to common man which were privilages of few classes.
Rehabilitation means helping an imbalanced disoriented person compatable to live independently in society.
Understanding human relationships and there importance we noticed that behaviour pattern of one individual effects the entire family or the society and thus thought of bringing such people under one roof and making them understand there character defects or weakness and making them compatable to live in society.

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